Hello, my name is

Cody Pollet

I'm a Software Engineer with extensive experience architecting, developing, and maintaining apps for iOS, macOS, and the web. One of my biggest strengths is in communicating technical ideas with non-technical team members. Oh, and I live in Austin, TX.

About Me

Experienced software engineer with 7+ years architecting and developing iOS, macOS, and web applications. Strong communication skills with technical and non-technical teammates. 5+ years experience leading research and development teams. Agile, creative, and quick to learn new languages, technologies, and platforms. Experienced in taking a project from idea to completion, from working with user experience designers and building rapid prototypes through testing and deployment.

Objective-C (iOS and macOS), Javascript (React & React Native), Sketch
Swift, PHP (Laravel), Ruby (Rails & Sinatra), MySQL, AWS


References available on request
Independent Consultant
Collapsing Code
  • Working with a start-up to build and deploy a two-sided marketplace application. Updated and improved an existing PHP Laravel web application, integrated with Stripe Connect to manage payments and pay-out, and working with UX Researcher and Product Designer to identify user needs and improve key usage metrics.
  • Developed (and maintaining) a mobile application for a hormone treatment program. Built using React Native with Realm as a persistence layer. Deployed to both Android and iOS. Worked with a design provided by the customer.
  • Designed and developed an enterprise iOS app (Swift 2.0) for work site auditing with Realm as a persistence framework. Application design and prototyping were done using Sketch, and the app was architected with an MVVM paradigm.
2015 - present
Application Solutions Lead
Encryptics, LLC
  • Responsible for all aspects of planning, designing, developing, and maintaining the Encryptics for Email iOS app available in the Apple App Store.
  • Developed and maintaining the Encryptics for Email Web App using React and WebCrypto.
  • Architected and designed the Encryptics Data Security API for device level authentication and data encryption. Responsible for development of the API implementations in C++ and Objective-C. Developed API unit testing suite.
  • Ran the leadership team responsible for architecting and designing the Encryptics product set, including: applications across Windows, iOS, MacOS and Android; back-end server components; and a customer facing web portal.
  • Maintaining the Encryptics for Email MacOS application.
  • Regularly interface with current and potential customers to provide detailed technical information and gather new requirements.
2011 - Present
Co-founder / Game Developer
F5 Games, LLC
  • Designed and developed games for Apple’s iOS platform. Involved in the design, development and deployment of two games to the Apple App Store.
2010 - 2013
Lead Graduate Researcher
Collaborative User Interfaces Project, University of Tulsa
  • Led a 7 person team in the development of multiuser collaborative software. Responsible for the formation of a multidisciplinary research group studying the uses of collaboration in user interface design. Designed and oversaw the construction of a large-scale multiuser touchscreen device.
  • Research funded by DARPA research grant: Security Engineering and Education Initiative for Critical Information Infrastructures
2009 - 2010


University of Tulsa
Post Grad - Computer Science GPA: 3.917 ABD (2011)
University of Tulsa
MS - Computer Science GPA: 3.917 2009
University of Tulsa
BS - Computer Science GPA: 3.821 2007


More info (and links) available on request
  • iOS and macOS

    Secure File SDK and Applications

    As a long term project, I built a cross-platform (iOS & macOS) framework to securely interface with back-end services utilizing OpenSSL and Protocol Buffers. This framework provides peer-to-peer security, ensuring that sensitive data is encrypted prior to leaving the device.

    Using this framework I developed client applications for iOS and macOS, in Objective-C. These applications use MVC architectures and Core Data for persistence.

  • Laravel / PHP

    Two-Sided Marketplace

    Customer brought an existing Laravel PHP application and needed major changes. I rewrote portions of the site, added new features, and integrated with Stripe Connect. I've also managed deployment to AWS.

    Written in PHP; MySQL Database; JavaScript/HTML/CSS frontend;

  • React Native

    Medical Treatment Plan App

    Customer application built from their designs. The customer wanted to deploy to both Android and iOS as soon as possible, so I chose to build the app in React Native.

    JavaScript; React Native; Realm for persistence;

  • React

    Secure Messaging Web-app

    React.js application using WebCrypto to create peer-to-peer secure messages.

  • iOS App

    Cellular Equipment Site Auditing

    Enterprise app built for iOS.

    Swift language; MVVM architecture; Realm for persistence.


C Pollet, C Burgess, C Roach, B Hart, inventors. 2018 April. System and method for enhanced data protection. United States patent US 9,954,832

A Jackson, B Brummel, C Pollet D Greer. An evaluation of interactive tabletops in elementary mathematics education. Education Tech Research Dev (2013) 61: 311.

C Pollet. “Modeled Data Layer: a data integration framework for data-centric applications,” master’s thesis, Dept. of Computer Science, University of Tulsa, Tulsa, Oklahoma, 2009.

G Louthan, C Pollet. (2009, Aug.). Hack like the Movie Stars: A Big-Screen Multi-Touch Network Monitor. Presented at DEFCON 17. [Online Video]. Available on iTunes.

C Pollet, G Louthan, J Hale. (2009, Aug.) Large-scale Multitouch Interactive Network Visualization. Presented at the 18th USENIX Security Symposium. [Poster].

C Pollet, S Tyree, J Hale. (2008, Feb.) Visualizing Cellular Process Calculi. Presented at MidSouth Computational Biology and Bioinformatics Society 2008. [Poster].

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